“White Glove” Content Curation and Repurposing For Busy Creators

We take any piece of content and turn it into scroll-stopping social video designed for each specific platform. We’re currently only serving creators and companies who need a hands-off, white glove repurposing service. Contact us below for a consult or questions.

So, What Exactly Do We Do? 👇

Before Spinfluence

You create your awesome content in the way that you do – a blog post, a video, a livestream, or audio or podcast – and you share it with the world. But most content is not natively social. It’s designed for one medium and typically just one platform.

Content Before SpinfluenceContent Before Spinfluence

(slide the bar and see for yourself)

With Spinfluence

We take the awesome content you create and turn it into visually stunning pieces of social media designed for each social platform. We do the trimming, splicing and dicing and polishing for you so you can focus on your core message and creating great content.

“…but, what can I actually do with this service?”

I’m glad you asked!

With Spinfluence you can…

Turn LIVESTREAMS Into Micro-Content Streams…

Turn VIDEO PODCASTS Into Social Power-hitters…

Turn ANY AUDIO FILE Into Searchable & Rankable YouTube Video…

Turn ANY TEXT Into Attractive Animated Text Videos…

“An effective way of getting more eyeballs on your content…

is to repurpose content on other platforms such as social media sites. With repurposed content, the best part is that you don’t need to create extra content or blog posts from scratch.”

Neil Patel; NeilPatel.com

What they have to say…

“Spinfluence has been a game changer! Jordan has a gift in translating vision into branding and design. Not to mention all the extra views I’ve gotten that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Anna Johnson

Overcomer Coach, Sacred Life Coaching, LLC

“Spinfluence does a fantastic job! What they create would be an asset to any online marketing effort.”

Joe Reilly

President, National Drug Screening, Inc

“I absolutely love this! You’re a master of design.”

Brandon Schaefer

Business Consultant, Simple Business Help

“Jordan is great at what he does! If you want the way your content is presented to leave others speechless, I recommend joining Spinfluence!”

Destiny Sprague

Hope Coach, Sacred Care Services

Gary Vee; GaryVaynerchuk.com

Micro content drives traffic back to the original content…

in a way that is contextual to each social platform. I continually post ‘micro content’ that is distributed to my Instagram, LinkedIn and many of my other social channels.”

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We’re currently only serving creators or companies who need a hands-off, white glove, intelligent curation and repurposing service. If that’s you, contact us below for a consult or with questions.

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Jordan Mulson

Jordan Mulson

Founder & Creator

Jordan has been ahead of his time in the digital media game since 2009 (at least that’s what his wife Rebecca says). The very first service he provided to a client over 10 years ago was repurposed, or “spun” audio content.

An international author and radio personality had accumulated audio files from a daily radio segment that were collecting digital dust. So instead of allowing them to be wasted, Jordan mined the gold from the audio files and “spun” them into animated YouTube videos.

10 years later those clips are still getting searched and watched on YouTube daily, building brand awareness and driving traffic for that author – all from content Jordan was hired to create 10 years ago.

THAT, is residual marketing!

And now here we are at the birth of Spinfluence, more than 10 years later.