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Jordan Mulson

Jordan Mulson

Founder & Creator

Jordan has been ahead of his time in the digital media game since 2009 (at least that’s what his wife Rebecca says). The very first service he provided to a client over 10 years ago was repurposed, or “spun” audio content.

An international author and radio personality had accumulated audio files from a daily radio segment that were collecting digital dust. So instead of allowing them to be wasted, Jordan mined the gold from the audio files and “spun” them into animated YouTube videos.

10 years later those clips are still getting searched and watched on YouTube daily, building brand awareness and driving traffic for that author – all from content Jordan was hired to create 10 years ago.

THAT, is residual marketing!

And now here we are at the birth of Spinfluence, more than 10 years later.

What We Do

We Add Longer Life To the content you’ve worked hard to create By “spinning it” into dozens of Pieces of shareable social media and video.

During beta, we’re looking to create some highly valuable case studies and give you a screaming beta-only deal on content creation and maximization. So bring the content you’re most passionate about and we’ll “spin it” so it can influence a larger audience and make a much greater impact. 

Whether it’s perfect podcast episodes, zingers of Zoom meetings, your most-loved blog or Medium posts, or a YOLO of YouTube content you create… 

“JUST SEND IT” and we’ll put it through the holy spin-machine and give you back a locked-and-loaded “content expansion pack” ready to be published and shared in multiple mediums across the biggest social platforms for increased influence and impact.



Is there a cost to participate in beta?

Yes, a very crazy-low cost – as little as $4.95 per content piece created. There are 3 different participation options. We’re doing this soft beta launch to refine our creation and delivery systems and to put our work out into the marketplace – to get some buzz going by serving others before we officially launch to the public.

Do you upload the content for me?

No. We will deliver the content to you via Google Drive. It will be up to you to upload the content to your different channels. (However, if you’re looking for more of a “white glove” experience, we do make that option available for the right person or company. Submit the Participation Form and you’ll see that option, OR reach out to us directly.)

How long can my content be?

Each piece of content you submit, can be any length. However, you’ll let us know which specific section of the content you want to feature. Final content will be between 2-3 mins each, depending on which beta level you choose.

What exactly would I be getting?

During this beta launch, you’ll get a series of video files designed for specific uses on Facebook, IG, IGTV and YouTube; 5 different videos in different size ratios for each piece of content you submit.

Then you’ll get “quote images” of different sizes for the social platforms, in order to drive views back to the videos.

And if applicable, you’ll get various sizes of audiograms for the different platforms. (if your content is strictly audio)

So in short, you give us your content, and we spin it into 12-64 pieces of micro-content, depending on your chosen beta level.

What if I want ongoing content services?

Obviously, our goal is to create a highly valuable service based upon your helpful feedback during beta. If you love what you get during your beta participation and want ongoing services, you’ll have the option to continue getting services for as long as you’d like. You’ll be ensured to get services at a cost that no one would ever receive otherwise.

What if I don't have any/many followers?

If you don’t have any, or many followers on social, you won’t see the immediate benefit with Spinfluenced content that others with big followings may receive. However, there’s never a better time than ‘now’ to start investing into great content. Although we’re not a traffic service, the content you’d receive would be a great, professional way to start building your audience.

Can I submit multiple pieces of content?

During beta launch, you’ll have 3 different participation options and can choose to submit up to 4 pieces of content to get Spinfluenced, each month you’re participating. If you love what you get and find it valuable and have lots of great content you want to get Spinfluenced, we can discuss a more robust ongoing service with you privately, allowing you to submit more than 4 pieces of content monthly.